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Edith Warthon

In literature class, our teacher asked us to do some research on the author of “The moving finger” which is the next story we are going to read. Our teacher asked us to look information of the author like where … Sigue leyendo

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Elegy for my father´s father

This is the poem we have been working with in class: He knew in the hour he died That his heart had never spoken In eighty years of days. O for the tall tower broken Memorial is denied: And the … Sigue leyendo

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Unidad 2

En clase Poli nos dijo que agamos las actividades 4, 5, 7 y 8 de la Unidad 2 del libro. 4) a. «En el prologo de su Evangelio hace referencia al proceso de predicación, de transmisión y de redaccion que … Sigue leyendo

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Studying conditions for seed germination (act 3, pg 210, book)

In class the teacher told us to read some pages of the the book, and then answer in pairs  question three from page 210. The factor the student should have kept the same is the age of the seeds, because … Sigue leyendo

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Literature comic about the poem «For Heidi with blue hair»

In class the teacher told us to imagine what would happen before the ending of the poem, and then write it in a comic. This is what I imagined:

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World War 1

Chronology:  Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gvrilo Princip. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.  World War 1 begins. Everyone started attacking enemies troops. Germany tried to assault Ypres, but the entrenched allies fight off. Japan took over Tsingtao, China. Because that … Sigue leyendo

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Biology, asexual and sexual reproduction

The teacher of biology told us to take notes from thr pages 198 and 199 for homework. This are the notes I took: Asexual Reproduction: You need only one gene (sex) to create an  new organism. This organism will be … Sigue leyendo

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Lino of the authors (literature)

This is the lino I made with Azul Sequeira, in it you will see names of lots of famous authors and their lifes:

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Dioses Mitologicos con Bautista Bravo

1.El dios que nos tocó fue Ares ( Marte).Este dios si está relacionado con los signos zodiacales. El signo de Ares es aries. Su relación con el signo es que los aries son muy apacionados, exigentes y competitivos al igual … Sigue leyendo

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