The Big Three (with Bautista Bravo)

1)In class lenny tod us to watch a video and the serch for some glossary:


Idealistic: Idealistic were Wilson’s fourteen points. His ideas were making the world safe for democracy, how people should determine their own fate. He wanted the end of empires, free trade,and create a League of Nations to avoid wars.

Self determination:  We call self determination when the persons of a country can choose what they want to do with their life. For example you can decide what job you want to work.

War guilt: War guilt is refer to the person who started the first world war. In this case the ¨war guilty¨ was Germany (all countries blamed her, but the truth is that many countries started it).

Reparations: These means that when the war ends the loser has to pay the consequences ( Germany had to pay in severals ways to the countries that had won)

Disarmament: Is when a country that had won the war, punish the loser, forbidding them any kind of weapons ( these is an example of reparation).

Scaffold of an army: It is a kind wooden stairs, that was used to reach high  constructions, like a “poor army”.

Territory: Germany had to give all  of it’s territory to the countries that won (these is an example of reparation). She had many colonies such as Poland and Alsace- Lorraine, that at the end belonged to their opponents.

Extremism: In the video extremism is used to describe how the countries that had won the first world war punished (in an extreme way) to their opponent.


2) Then she told us listen some voice threads from the children of sinior two, and choose the one we liked most. This is the one we chose:

We decided to choose this voice thread because they explained all the opinions of the countries based in the matter, and what points would or wouldn´t benefit to one. Also they were very clearly.

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