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Variation. Chapter 19. Pair Work.

October 24th Variation. Chapter 19. Pari Work. I Worked With Nina Fischer. Question 19.1 -Decide whether each of these features shows continuous variation or discontinuous variation. a) Blood groups in humans – Discontinuous b) Foot size in humans – Continuous … Sigue leyendo

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Charles Darwin theory.

In class we listen to three videos and the Biology teacher gave us this exersice to take us homework. We had to do a coment about a summury we had made en base of the video. This is what I … Sigue leyendo

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KKK Nwespaper article

In History class the Teacher, Lenny, formed groups and told us to: “Write a newspaper article denouncing the attitudes of the KKK. Then we should look for specific examples of KKK abuse to support our argument against this type of … Sigue leyendo

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