Biology First Term Proyect: Biomolecules

In our first term of biology, we were asked to make a project in groups about a biomolecule chosen by us,we chose lipids, and here is the task on our teacher’s blog: Biology Task 

I worked with Valentina Pernarcic and Azul Sequeira.

This is our presentation. Hope you enjoy it!!

Prezi on Structural Proteins

This is our model:

How we got organized: We got together in one house, we serchrd for information about structural proteins, and we decided to do a prezi with it (instead of a google presentation). To build up the model, we bought clay and sticks and we put them together.

Where we got the info from: The most basic information we took it from the Biology book. Although we also searched for information in websites, such us the GCSE or the National Geografic page.

Any drawbacks and how we solved them: A huge drawback we had, was that we couldn’t finish all the presentaion in one day. What we did to solve it was that instead of getting together again, we talked by video chat and finished the proyect.

Any possible improvements for our next proyect: We could had built biger, or processed the model a little bit more.

Ceci also asked us to give a mark to every presentation, basing it on this Rubric.

This are the marks I gave:


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