My learning E-Portfolio

In Literature class, Pat told us to watch a video on her blog, explaining what is an ePortfolio and how it should be organized. Later she told us to check three ePortfolios from some students of senior five, and give our feedback about them. I decided to give my feedback on:

Bianca Ieraci: She mentioned whom she worked with, put the link to the exercise and commented on the periods she liked the most, however she didn’t explained the learning experience and didn’t do a connection with another subject.

Luz Esteban: Although she mentioned her opinion about the topic, what she learned and inserted the link to the exercise, she did not connect it to another subject.

Ramiro Azpiri: I liked this one the most, because he deeply explained his concern and reflection about the topic, he also added the link to the exercise even though as all the other portfolios he did not connected the topic to another subject.

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