E-Portfolio: Activity 2

In today’s class, our Literature teacher, Pat, told us to keep working anD improving our E-Portfolio. The activity I chose to analyse this time is the activity we did before reading «All my sons», by Arthur Miller.

What did you learn? In this activity we had to analyse the writer, which in this case was Arthur Miller. We had to gather information about his background, his way of thinking, some pieces he had wrote, among others. Our goal was to know more about the writer before starting to read and analyse the actual story, so that we could understand better the context. We learned a lot about his past life, and his way of seeing this and expressing them on his stories.

Did you give your best effort on this assignment? I feel as I really put a lot of effort in this activity, as I analysed his biography in many web-sites, and made really detailed summaries about his childhood, and how he progressed to be what he ended being.

Were the strategies, skills and procedures you used effective for this assignment? I believe that the method of making a summary is really effective, as if later you don’t remember or want to check again that information, you can read this small amount, but full on information, pages and you are ready to go.

Did this activity help you learn more than others we’ve done? Why? In my opinion, this activity help me understand more what Arthur Miller was going through in the moment, which would affect his way of writing. For instance, he experienced on the the world wars and he expressed that in many of his writing, while other artist who didn’t, might write about other topics. However, I don’t feel as I learned more in this activity than in others, as in every activity I do, I learn certain thing that would help me in different stuff.

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