E-Portfolio: Activity 3

In today’s class, our Literature teacher, Pat told us to keep working and improving our E-Portfolio. The activity I chose to analyse this time is the activity we did with the poem “My Parents”, by Stephen Spender.

In this acativity, we had to read and analyse the poem, in order to be able to answer some questions. We could undestrand the feelings of the narrator, and how the environment in which he lived changed the actions he decided to make.

I really enojoyed this activity as it shows a reality that many people face, but are afraid to admit or express to the public. The poem is about a kid that is so overprotected, to the instance that he has trouble making friends, which causes children to bully him.

The method we used to make this activity really helped me to understand much better the analysis of the poem. First of all we read the poem on our own, and tried to take our own conclusions about it. Later, we disccused about our opinions with the class, and Pat explained her point of view. Lastely, we saw all together some videos which also analysed the poem, making me understand the concept really well.

In my opinion, activities as this one really help you to develop your facility to understand the analysis of poems and stories. When we first started analysing poems, I had a lot of trouble on understanding the plot, the metaphors, and different literary devices used. As time went by, we started practicing more and more. Now I found it really easy, and I really enojoy reading pieces as this one.

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